DeKUT Centre for Energy Studies (DeCES)

DeCES is a research and development centre domiciled in the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. The Centre conducts academic and scientific research aimed at providing sustainable energy solutions along the energy value chain. Key reearch areas include biogas, biomass, solar, municipal solid waste treatment (MSW) and biofuels.

The Centre is committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; SDG 7: Ensure Access to Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable and Modern Energy for All.

DeCES specializes in research and development (R&D) in biomass bio-chemical conversion technologies, biomass thermal-chemical conversion technologies, biomass-based chemical production technologies, waste treatment technologies/circular production/economy, and bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) technologies. 

Key research focus areas include biodiesel, fuel ethanol, biomass pyrolysis and gasification, biomass gasification and power generation, synthesized fuels, municipal solid waste (MSW) treatment, and utilization amongst other areas.

The Centre serves in research and development within the University and also plays the role of implementing partner together with other players in sustainable energy implementation of various projects.


As a research and development Centre, we present our findings to the scientific community and academia, conduct capacity building exercises, and carry out commissioned consultancies in sustainable energy.

Besides research and development, the centre also carries out projects in:
  • Capacity development through approved and accredited technical and professional education and skills training, seminars, workshops, and conferences.
  • Biomass fuels strategy (sustainably managed woodlands, sustainable consumption) development and implementation.
  • Biomass-based thermal (steam, hot water, hot air) energy systems design, simulation, performance audit and optimization, inspection, and certification amongst other services.
  • Policy, legal and regulatory support on biomass fuel projects.
  • Solar energy solutions
  • Green Hydrogen
  • Knowledge management and awareness-raising amongst stakeholders.

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